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Our Staff

Health Commissioner

Jason McBride, MS, MPH
(419) 468-1075 x1261
[email protected]

Medical Director

Dr. Nancy Crum, M.D.

Director of Nursing

Lynn Corwin, RN
(419) 468-1075 x1264
[email protected]

Director of Environmental Health/Deputy Director

Andrea Barnes, REHS
(419) 468-1075 x1265
[email protected]

Public Health Nurses

Kim Ponziani, RN
(419) 468-1075
[email protected]

Kara Kimerline, RN BSN

Disease Intervention Specialist

Vital Statistics Registrar

Nurse Practitioner

Sarah Miley, APRN
(419) 468-1075 x1274
[email protected]

Medical Assistants

Jenny Jordan, CMA
(419) 468-1075 x1263
[email protected]

Jessica Bourne, MA
(419) 468-1075 x1260
[email protected]