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Protecting the health of our community

Our public health nuisance program seeks to eliminate unsanitary conditions in the community that pose potential hazards to public health. Public health nuisance conditions often result from the improper storage and/or disposal of solid waste, or the accumulation of solid waste on premises. In addition to drawing insect and animal pests, unsanitary premises may have old tires and watertight containers that give mosquitoes stagnant water in which to breed. Unsanitary properties pose a threat to public health, cause blight in a neighborhood, and in severe cases can affect the values of nearby properties.

Reporting a possible public health nuisance

Complete a Public Health Nuisance Complaint Form.

You may submit a completed complaint form any of the following ways:
  • Complete, print, and hand deliver.
  • Complete, print and post Mail to Galion City Health Department 113 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio 44833.
  • Complete, print and fax to (419) 468-8618.

To report smoking inside a business, complaints can be submitted at www.smokecomplaint.ohio.gov


Codified Ordinances of Galion, Ohio

  • Mosquito and Other Insect Control – Section 521.26
  • Collection of Garbage, Solid Waste and Other Discarded Materials – Chapter 719
  • Solid Waste – Chapter 1361