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Environmental Health Fees

Food Service Operation and Retail Food Establishment

Local FeeState FeeTotal
Risk Class 1 <25,000 sq ft$144.00$28.00$172.00
Risk Class 2 <25,000 sq ft$166.00$28.00$194.00
Risk Class 3 <25,000 sq ft$341.00$28.00$369.00
Risk Class 4 <25,000 sq ft$439.00$28.00$467.00
Risk Class 1 >25,000 sq ft$220.00$28.00$248.00
Risk Class 2 >25,000 sg ft$233.00$28.00$261.00
Risk Class 3 >25,000 sq ft$892.00$28.00$920.00
Risk Class 4 >25,000 sq ft$947.00$28.00$975.00
Low Risk RFE Mobile$48.50$28.00$76.50
Temporary, per event up to 5 days$124.00$0.00$124.00
Vending, per unit$41.41$6.00$47.41

Food Service and Retail Food Plan Review

50% of the applicable, local portion of license fee for risk level

Private Water Systems

Local FeeState FeeTotal
PWS installation payment single family$75.00$40.00$115.00*
PWS installation payment multi family$75.00$40.00$115.00*
PWS alteration payment single family$50.00$0.00$50.00*
PWS alteration payment multi family$50.00$0.00$50.00*
Sealing Existing PWS$25.00$0.00$25.00

*Current Lab fee for water sample analysis must be included in PWS permit total.

Public Swimming Pools, Spas and Special Use Pools

Local FeeState FeeTotal
Public swimming pool, spa or special use pool$410.00$80.00$490.00
Additional public swimming pool, spa or special use pool$200.00$55.00$255.00

RV Park, Recreation Camp, and Combined Park/Camp

Local FeeState FeeTotal
50 or fewer sites$150.00$65.00$215.00
More than 50 sites$150.00+ $1.50 per site over 50$65.00Varies
Temporary camp, per event (< 8 consecutive days) 50 or fewer sites$150.00$0.00$150.00
Temporary Camp, Per Event (< 8 Consecutive Days), More than 50 Sites$150.00$0.00$150.00

Tattoo/Body Piercing Facility

Local FeeState FeeTotal
Tattoo/Body Piercing Facility$300.00$0.00$300.00

Water Sampling

Local FeeLab FeeTotal
Water sample - bacterial$35.00$40.00$75.00