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Health Services Providing health services and improving health outcomes.

Our nurses are available by appointment for the following health services:

TB Skin Test (PPD) – Includes administration of the antigen and interpretation of the results 48 to 72 hours post initial visit. TB Tests are $15.00 and the required reading fee is $25. Those paying at the time of service are eligible for a discount on the reading fee. Call for an appointment.

Blood pressure – Includes a measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure for informational purposes only.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculations – Includes a measurement of height and weight and calculation of BMI.

Hearing Screening – Includes observation of outer ear and pure tone audiometry. Referral to an ear, nose and throat physician and speech–language pathologist if necessary.

Vision Screening – Includes observation of the outer eye, distance visual acuity, stereopsis, ocular muscle balance, and color perception. Referral to an Optometrist if necessary. Referral for financial assistance for children needing glasses may also be available.

Blood Lead Screenings – Includes a blood test via finger stick to determine the current lead level in the blood. This service is offered to children ages 1-6 years of age and to women of child-bearing years. Blood Lead Screenings are $25. Those paying at the time of service are eligible for a discount.  If hemoglobin testing is also indicated, a $30 fee is required. Medicaid is also accepted.

Hemoglobin Level – Includes a blood test via finger stick. This service is offered to children under the age of 18. A fee of $20 for City of Galion residents.

Head Check – Includes a thorough assessment of the scalp and hair for lice or nits. Free to residents of Galion.  Head checks are $25. Those paying at the time of service are eligible for a discount. Medicaid is also accepted.

Visual Assessment – Includes an observational skin assessment, collection of data related to a review of body systems, medical history, and current medications, and a visual screening for communicable diseases. A $15 fee is required at time of assessment for children from Crawford County, and a $40.00 fee for a child from an outside county. This service is available to agencies only, such as Children Services.

Call (419)-468-1075 to request an appointment for the above services.